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  1. Looking  for a sausage mix for a friend  he has a 100 lbs  of meat and I buy my mix pre mixed for a certain amount of meat so if someone has  a great mix and would like to share it I am sure he  would appreciate it  thks dd
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    You should be able to scale up any recipe to 100 pounds.  Or you can buy pre-mixed from companies like A.C. Legg.  They sell 100 pound batch mixes on several sites and Amazon.  What type of sausage is he wanting to make and how is he wanting to finish it?  "Sausage" is a very broad category.
  3. That's sort of what I told him is to go to a place like where I get mine up here in Canada  which is a place called Stuffers  and get what ever  what kind you want to make hot Italian brats or what ever  it may cost you a bit more but you will probably much more happier   
  4. Thanks  I will pass it on to him dd

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