Sausage Fest 2013 - 5 Types of Sausage

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Mar 21, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
Over the last two months my father and I have been making plans to process about 50 pounds of sausage the weekend after Christmas.  Well, one thing led to another, and we ended up turning my kitchen into a true abattoir with over 130 pounds of beef and pork.  I received a Cabela's meat mixer for Christmas which REALLY made things easier compared to the last several times we've made sausage.

To start things out, my son and I started on Friday night with two batches of Summer Sausage.  I used the Hi Mountain Hunter's blend kit which is enough for 30 pounds of sausage.  I ended up kicking one batch up with about 2 pounds of finely diced jalapeño peppers and some habanero powder.  To kick up the smoked flavor I added in some buckboard bacon that I had made earlier in the year.  Each batch was 10 pounds of beef, 4 pounds of pork butt, and 1 pound of BB.    








After we got the Summer Sausage stuffed, we got to work on the smoked turkey that I was making for the next day.  Even though it's not part of Sausage Fest, here are a few pics of that.  I received the Turkey Cannon for Christmas as well, I was extremely pleased with how it worked.  I had a 14 pound turkey that turned out as juicy as any I've ever made.  This was with zero brining, I simply salted and seasoned it the night before, put chicken stock in the cannon, and injected butter shortly before smoking.

Sunday morning rolls around and it's about 25 degrees and raining.  It reached a high of around 40 mid-day.  I set up the canopy and a folding table on the back patio, moved the smoker underneath the canopy since I was planning smoking the Summer Sausage that had been fermenting for about 36 hours.  The cool weather was perfect as a meat locker while processing everything.  We set up cutting stations out there to break down the pork, and stored the meat lugs out there while mixing and stuffing everything. 


After all the cutting was done, my friend Nathan and I started in on the grinding. 


And finally the stuffing can begin.  First out of the gate was the Chorizo.


As with all of my projects, after we got well into the process, the cameras went by the wayside.  I don't have nearly as many pictures of the rest of the sausage making, so I'll just post a few that I do have. 


Obviously the top pictures are from the jalapeno laced summer sausage, the others are the Andouille smoking and sliced.  The Andouille was the recipe from Nola Cuisine, I'll see if I can find the link and post it here in a bit.  The Chorizo was the Hi Mountain blend.  I decided that I needed to make use of the Andouille on New Years Day so I made a nice pot of Gumbo.


I had made some Andouille back in March that I smoked and dried using Ruhlman's recipe, more like a Spanish Chorizo.  That went in the pot along with the fresh.

In addition to the Andouille, Chorizo, and Summer Sausage, we made linked Italian, Bulk Italian, and Bulk Breakfast. 

It was a long weekend, but I can't wait to do it again!!!

- Allen
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WOW!!! Looks like a good time and a whole lotta good food.

What's this one by the way?

That looks great and looks like a lot of work nice to see you had some great helpers.

A full smoker is a happy smoker and your smoker  never looks to TIRED of being happy LOL

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