Salt in rub after brining?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by capecodcarl, May 28, 2016.

  1. Hi just a quick question on what people think about adding salt to a rub after chicken has been brined?  I'm sure the opinions vary but was just curious.  I have a few chickens brining now and was trying decided on a rub to put on them before they go in the smoker tomorrow and having a hard time getting the answer on salt or no salt.  Thanks for any thoughts and opunions
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    I just smoked some brined chicken that had salt in the rub and personally I think it was too salty. Next time I may try it without salt at all and see how that turns out. And work my way up to decreasing the amount of salt called for in the rubs, maybe by cutting it in half. I'm no expert at all on this, just trying things out unroll I find the delicious some.
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    My wife is a supertaster so to avoid the "this is too salty" comments when I brine chicken, chicken breasts, and turkeys I use about half the salt recommended in common brine recipes.  The brine recipe I created is the main flavor enhancer, not the rub.  The rub still adds flavor though.  I just lightly put rub on the outside of the birds before they hit the smoker.  The whole chickens and turkeys won't be impacted much by a little salt in the rub.  

    For the brined chicken breasts (split or boneless/skinless) I go very light on the rub to avoid over salting the meat, just giving the breasts a light dusting of the rub. 
  4. Thank you..I didn't put that much salt in the brine but still might just leave it out of the rub.  I figure a little under salted is better than over salted, people can add salt after  guess.  I'm going to do them whole, not spatchcocked whats your thoughts on starting them breast side down and then flipping right side up after an hour?
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    Starting them upside down is the way to go.

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    Maybe to reduce the effect of the salt in the brine, you could rinse the bird before rubbing. The brine should have already done its job. Just my $0.02.

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