Salmon Cut Beef

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May 7, 2021
Hi Guys,
I'm aware I haven't been around for a few weeks but I've still been smoking!
At the weekend just gone I smoked a 4lb salmon cut piece of beef over whisky oak. It took about 9 hours. I didnt use any heavy rubs, just salt, vegetable stock powder, onion powder, garlic powder and a little oregano. It was just a light dusting. I used an injection of vegetable stock mixed with Worcestershire sauce. The pictures are after I had unwrapped the rested beef. It Sliced like a hot knife through butter.


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I think your autocorrect might have taken over on your title, at least I hope so. Because salmon smoked beef sounds, well, kinda nasty. LOL
Its a cut from the Topside... So in your terminology is like a top round. Its a single muscle so no connecting tissues.
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