Royal Oak Lump dissapointing

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May 14, 2007
I always use to use Royal Oak Lump as my fuel source in my WSM.
I am using a bag today for my smoke and its all crappy small pieces.

What is everyone using these days?
My local Ace has B & B lump, logs and sometimes charcoal briquets. Never have an issue with it, but it tends to be more expensive than the Royal Oak products. They have Cowboy lump too which I've used with no issues.
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Well, I still use RO due to I really stocked up when they were on sale a long while ago… bout out now!

Hoping RO didn’t do the “new take” approach on their lump like KBB did a while ago on their charcoal!
It seems they did. I would say it's about 10-20% chunks and 80 -90% pieces the size of a quarter. It is horrible.
It seems they did. I would say it's about 10-20% chunks and 80 -90% pieces the size of a quarter. It is horrible.

That is disappointing as I liked the taste of the RO smoke… sounds like I’ll be looking into other options! I’ve had my stockpile for a handful of years… I really did stock up when they were on sale with no limits!

I’d ask if it was just a fluke… but sounds like Fueling Around Fueling Around has had the same experience!

Our local farm and ranch store just started carrying Cowboy Lump… I will likely give them a try!

Thanks for the heads up ron50 ron50
I also got tired of the small marble size pieces on the RO with free rocks in every bag:emoji_angry:. I am on my 4th or 5th bag of Cowboy and they have all been consistent.
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Anyone ever use B & B?
I am very fond of Jealous Devil, both lump and briquets. I use the briquets the most. For me they provide a consistent heat and last a long time. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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