Round two Boston Butt and ribs.

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Original poster
Jan 5, 2014
Philly area

This is my first time smoking ribs second time smoking and I had one question. Do you guys put your Rub on the ribs and let them sit in the refrigerator wrapped in tinfoil like you do your Boston butt?

On the pork butt I applied my rub and I have it wrapped going in the refrigerator for 12 hours then on to the smoker.

yup.. pull the membrane off them first.. rub em up and set in em in the fridge.... I always save some rub to put a second coat on as I put them (both ribs and butts) on the smoker....
I am not sure when the meat temperature plateau hits but the pork (9lb) has been in since 7:30 (4hr) and the temperature went form 43 to 135 will it plateau? I hope it does because this will be finished sooner then planed.


My pork's first plateaued was at 165 I thought I was going to eat dinner at 2:00 haha. Wish I put the ribs in at the same time I and craving some BBQ now.
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