Rocky Mountain Oyster part deux

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Fueling Around

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Dec 10, 2018
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A livestock rancher hired a couple of French guys.

A fringe benefit was the rancher's wife cooked them a hearty dinner meal (that's lunch to you city folk) every day they worked.

First day they learned how to castrate the bull calves. Rancher had them save all left overs in a bucket and informed they were having calf fries for dinner tomorrow.

Second day they learned how to castrate the ram lambs. Again they saved all the left overs with news they were having lamb fries for dinner tomorrow.

Third day they got more work to keep them busy with life on a ranch.

Fourth day immediate work was done so he let the new guys loose with some random chores.

Dinner time rolled around and he went to the house and the French guys were not there.
He asked his wife if she had seen the new hired help.
She replied "I haven't seen them since they asked what was for dinner." I told them "Hamburgers and French Fries". is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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