Ribeye Meat Bites

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Original poster
Nov 30, 2011
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Good morning

ive been experimenting with jerky, venison, bacon, etc. but dont want to mess up my valuable venison on a recipe i didnt plan out correctly.

At the moment i have 3 pounds of fat removed ribeye in small chunks sitting in a brine solution of 1 cup mortons tender quick, and 4 cups of water (per mortens recommendation) its been in the brine solution for 14 hours so far

I intend on smoking these chunks in my bradley digital, then finishing in my dehydrator.

Can anyone give me some tips or suggestions on changing my plan to what i should be looking at as far as times and temps?

150 degrees for 1 one hour without smoke
160 degrees for 1 hour with hickory
170 degrees for 1 hour with hickory

pull from smoker, and transfer  into dehydrator and pulled when completed

(note that all spices will be put onto the meat after rinsing from the brine)
Siracha Rub
Chili Lime
Teriyake (glaze, and will be reapplied before going into the dehydrator)

Sorry for all the mess but if you have a better suggestion for times and temps let me know!

I e never used the cure recipe you are, so I can't comment on that part.

But, the rest sounds fine with one exception, 150 until the surface is dry. Then proceed. Also, no water pan in the smoker, you want the atmosphere dry.
Well im glad i used a cheap cut of meat because it's ruined.. cooked perfectly at 150 for 3 hours with no water in the pan. then transferred to the dehydrator.. ran for 2 hours at 160.. a nice crisp on the outside and pulled pork consistency in the middle but not too soft.

but its saltier than heck. lesson learned, i didnt soak in fresh water to remove the brine enough.

thats why i tried a small batch without ruining my good cuts of meat..

i'll try again :)
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