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    1st time smoking ribs here....What should the internal temp of the ribs be when pulled out of the smoker? Also, what should the temp of the smoker maintain? Please help! 

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    You don't use temp for ribs - For spares use 3-3-1 and babybacks go 2-2-1

    That is first # with heat around 225 and smoke - second # wrap in foil to tenderize, most use some kind of liquid with the foil - last # is out of foil to firm up the ribs

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  3. Welcome to SMF...[​IMG]..............I like to foil my ribs #2 of the 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 with a sauce as folloew.

    1/4 cup of apple juice

    1/4 cup of melted butter

    1/8 cup of brown sugar or honey or Maple syrup

    1-1/2 shots of rum. I like Captain Morgan Spice but any rum will work

    1/8 cup of Pickapeppa or Tiger sauce or even Heinz 57 would work 

    I usually donot measure the ingredients but for purposes of some guidelines I did here.

    Put the liquid, apple juice and rum in the foil with the Pickapeppa sauce. Rub the brown sugar and butter into the ribs. I put a little Pickapeppa on the top side of the ribs too. The bottom side will be laying in the juices that already had it in there as part of the liquid mixture.

    Foil and return to grill for 2-hours.

    You can mop them with sauce mixture when you unfoil them if you want and/or use it as a finishing dipping sauce....This foiling liquid recipe rocks on ribs...........[​IMG]...
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    Thanks for the info folks! 

    Heres a before pic.[​IMG]

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