Removing the skin?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jaxrmrjmr, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Does anyone have any experience with actually removing the skin of the bird before brining and cooking?  I saw it mentioned somewhere.  Sounds interesting enough to try.  Maybe remove it during brining and draping it back over while it's cooking?
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    instead of removing it.... just work your hand down in under it from the neck down.... start with a couple of fingers working them back and forth sideways and separate the skin form the meat... you'll eventually get your hand down in and then work a finger or 2 around the legs and separate the skin from around the legs too... if you happen to rip the skin just stitch it back up with toothpicks making sure all meat is covered before putting it on the smoker.... separate before going in brine... rinse really well out of the brine and let sit (in the fridge) standing up in the empty brine container for an hour or so... more water will drain out... then pat dry with paper towels the skin and under the skin... put your rub straight on the meat under the skin ( i hold the skin out while wife sprinkles rub on the meat) and on the skin too ... then I let rest for a couple of hours back in fridge... I will give it another dose of rub when putting on the smoker... pull skin up over meat and hold in place with a toothpick....

    good luck with your smoke....
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    That's pretty much how I have always done it - except I mix the seasoning with butter so it stays put a little easier. 

    I was just asking about the skinless thing because I have only heard it once and figured that if it was a real alternative that someone here may have heard it, or tried it, as well.

    I may try yanking the skin off, brining it, and then putting the skin back on.  I'm talking about a turkey BTW.  No way in hell I'm going through that for a chicken.

    Thanks man.

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