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  1. Hello all.

    I hope this is not a repetative read but I am new to this site. I use a Chargriller Super Pro 2121 with side box. When I smoked I have been placing charcoal in the box and placing the wood directly on top of the coal. Is there a better way to do this? I get heavy white smoke and good flavor but just want to get the most out of smoking. I do not use the chips or chunks, I use pieces i split off of a log, like the size you would use in a campfire. I have looked at some of the posts regarding the MODS and plan on doing the extension of the smoke stack with dryer vent tubing.
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    If you are using charcoal as your heat source then you should be using wood chunks for smoke, the chunks should be 2"-3" tall by about 2" thick. Place them on the hot coals and they will begin producing TBS within a few seconds.

    If you want to burn splits in the fire box then you need to heat them up by placing them on top of the hot fire box, when the charcoal fire begins to die back and your temps get lower add the heated wood directly on to the remaining coals and leave the fire box door open until it catches fire. Close the door and regulate the fire as needed with the intake damper on the fire box. Then place the next split on the top of the fire box and repeat. Good Luck.
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    If you have room, you can place the splits inside the cook chamber also... splits should be about 1" square or maybe a little bigger.... you want them to heat quickly and get burned down to coals quickly....  the drier, the less dense white smoke....    The larger the smoker and larger the firebox, the larger the splits can be...   a good bed of coals in the FB keeps the heat even....   

    Take a pic of the FB and vents for us to see......  


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