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Recently aquired a Brinkmann Stillwater and have a couple questions


Joined Nov 27, 2013
So as the title reads I recently purchased a lightly used Original Stillwater for a great price, replacing my failing (read falling apart) Chinese made Brinkmann offset smoker.

After the cleaning and reseasoning I noticed a few leaks and have contacted the great people at www.BBQgaskets.com for some advice about what gaskets I should use in it. They were Amazingly responsive and helpful. Seriously suggest reaching out with questions BTW!

I am noticing, like many offset smokers, a serious hotspot near the firebox even how low the box is, the gauge of the steel and the small fire I had going. A water pan did not seem to make enough of a difference so now looking at a Convection plate modification many people seem to use Horizon Smoker's after market Convection plates, but I am having a heck of a time getting them to respond to email or return a call.

1) Will the 16" plate fit in the Brinkmann Stillwater? It looks like the measurements would work but hoping someone with experience could comment.

2) Is a wire basket for the coals exceptionally helpful? Seen some back and forth on this and kind of curious..

3) Any other suggested modifications?




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Joined Sep 25, 2017
I just picked one up a few days ago. Did you ever figure out the convection plate situation? I feel like the horizon one should work. Especially seeming as how both smokers were designed by the same person.
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