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    Since I have received so many questions and I don't want the rumor mills going nuts any more than they already do, I will try to put this to rest:

    It is vitally important to me that the SMF moderating team work as a unit and do things as a team. Additionally, it is important to me that the moderators have the ability to get along with one another as well as all of the members of the forum.

    When this is not the case, I will not hesitate to make changes that are deemed necessary.

    I made the decision to remove 3 moderators from the forum recently and I assure you that it was warranted and deserved. All three were great posters, had lots of knowledge and were here all of the time so yes, the forum will miss them and so will I.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you have to do things that you don't like to do and this was one of those times.

    This is not something that happens often. not sure if it's ever happened here in this manner but.. it did.

    I am obviously not going to go into the details since that would not be very productive or kosher but, had it not been necessary, I would have done anything to choose another option.

    I really don't want to discuss this further in open forum, this is more of a FYI and I debated even bringing it to the forum as a thread. I always welcome questions via PM on things like this but I cannot promise a satisfying answer.

    This thread is closed to discussion and will be deleted after a short while since it brings nothing good or productive to the forum.

    Looking onward, we will be bringing on more staff. Meantime, all of the other moderators and admins are stepping up and helping to make sure the empty spots are not being left unattended.

    I appreciate everyone understanding the best that you can.
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