Rebuilding a Screwed up 200 Gallon Crossflow Smoker

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  1. A guy who lives about 25 miles from me brought me his smoker to rebuild. It was made 2 years ago by another builder 4 miles from my shop. the firebox was 54% of needed, and mounted in the middle of the tank, stack was too small, Door hinges in the wrong place so no door seal across the top. He has had it for 2 years,and could only cook on the first 18 inches of the tank from the firebox, there was so much creosote inside the cook chamber and on the grates we could not scrape it off with putty knives, I was scared of having a house type chimney fire while working on it so I started by having the cook chamber and grates sandblasted.

    We had to remove the tank side tire and fender to cut the tank loose to raise it so the proper size firebox would fit.,
    Firebox on cherry picker

    air inlet

    in center of tank
    cut loose

    tank to new height with cherry picker

    up on blocks to make new mounts

    and tire off to cut brackets

    Nice work on old firebox to cook chamber opening !! LOL

  2. We are going to make new door hinges and add upper seal, new proper size firebox, proper size stack, crossflow baffle/drip tray, and rebuild wood storage areas.
    cc sandblasted

    CC sandblasted


    inch of creosote in cook chamber

    covered grates

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    Looks like it's in better hands now. Are you welding upper seal to the door or on the inside of cooking chamber? I have seen it done both ways and wondered what works the best. I was even thinking about welding seal on both. I cant weld seal inside cc on sides or bottom due blocking the racks, but was thinking about it on top. I am about to build my first smoker.
    Cheers, Steve
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    Looks like it's in better hands now. Are you welding uppet seal to then door or on the inside of cooking chamber? I have seen it done both ways and wondered what works the best. I was even thinking about welding seal on both. I am currently building a smoker.
    Cheers, Steve
  5. After I do the new hinges, I'll put the seal on the top, the door is already sealed on the other 3 sides on top,so it will match, plus the cut across the top is very uneven,so I'm tack welding the sides of the door before cutting the old hinges off, and running a skillsaw with a 1/8 cutoff wheel down the cut line to even it out before adding the new seal,and hinges, it looks like an uneven sawsall cut so a 1/8 cutoff wheel will even it out as well as give a little more clearance for the door opening. The door has a welded chain handle that isn't straight,so I'm cutting it off and adding 2 7 inch spring handles to match the one for the new firebox I made before he delivered the pit to me.
  6. Had help for a few hours on the 4th, so I got the tank lined up for new mounts, old small stack cut off, and back of trailer cut to fit new firebox.

    Small stack cut off

    up for new mounts,and trailer cut for fbox

    Crooked chan handle blocks shelf, getting spring handles to match firebox handle

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  8. Finally back on rebuilding the Smoker ! Finally in just a small aircast for the broken ankle, so my boss asked me if I could work a few weeks at my own pace to cover a few guys vacations as the shop was swamped with work, I figured I owed him as he has been holding my job for m,e since last sept when I broke the leg and ankle, now I only have to go in part time to do the frame work in the bodyshop,and can get caught up on the jobs I had in progress. Mounted the Tank at the new height,and started putting the new firebox on this last weekend, After its finished I'll clean up the mess from the old firebox,and add the new handles,stack,and hinges.

    up firebox

    tank Mounts

    opening for firebox

    up firebox
  9. What kind of spring did you use on the door?
  10. The spring with a safety cable was already on the smoker when it was brought to me to rebuild, it works good to hold the door open,but actually doesn't help that much with the lifting, It does chew the crap out of the paint where it rubs the tank and door.

  11. Haven't been on for a long while, Finished up rebuilding smoker in july here are some build pics.

    Old stack hole closed, and new stack

    firebox on and old firebox hole repaired

    stack hole

    Openings to close old stack hole and new stack

    New stack adapter

    garage door, so top of stack is removable
  12. More Rebuild Pics



  13. More Pics
    strip to protect door from spring

  14. Finished pics !!

    shelf down for trailering

    Prep shelf up.

  15. Test Cooks !!
    first pig

    cook Before finish paint

    LB. pig and 6 - 10 LB. Butts

    LB. Pig and 4- 10 lb. Butts Just in Smoker

    LB. Pig out to pull !!

    First Pig

    first pig

    First pig
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    Hawg....  Impressive.....  Turning something that don't work, wouldn't ever work, and I'm sure was a frustrating piece of junk, into an awesome smoker that cooks great grub....    Make you the hero of the month...  Very nice remodel...   Good lookin' pig too....    wish I was there....

    What a great boss you have...  He's Aces...    Glad the leg is better too...

  17. Before and after pics.


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