Read Twice, Mix Once!

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Remember the carpentry adage of measure twice, cut once? Well I just had it re-affirmed while making a rub hence the title! :oops:

Flew out to Michigan this weekend to meet the Girlfriend's parents and other various relatives for the first time and, of course, we (meaning me) had to throw a 'que. I was making my rub for the ribs where in a typical senior moment, I transposed the measurements for the paprika and the salt. So instead of a 1/4 cup of salt and a 1/2 cup of paprika..... D'OH!!!!!!! :cry: :shock: :( . To me, the ribs tasted pretty darn salty, but everybody ate them anyways and said they were great (except for her kids who truthfully told me the ones I made Labor Day were lots better). The sauce seemed to cut the saltiness down, thank goodness, and they were fall off the bone tender.

Also, I was using a brand new Brinkmann H2O smoker for the first time. It was their "Gourmet Series" model and I was impressed. I had went out armed with the prinouts for the mods for the ECB, but they were unnecessary. The charcoal pan had raised vents on the bottom and air holes in the sides and the smoker's bottom in which the pan rested, had an air hole as well. The "warm-ideal-hot" thermometer that is in the lid was actually accurate and was verified by me also using a prob thermometer. They moved the thermometer from being on top of the lid to being all the way down on the side of the lid about even with the meat. I ended up getting a good 7 hours of burn from about 6 pounds of Cowboy brand lump. I threw in only 2 chunks of hickory as I didn't want to overpower the ribs and they had a very nice smoke flavor. My girlfriend lives in the middle of nowhere where apple and cherry trees abound and for my future visits, her dad will have me loaded up with tons of apple and cherry wood.

I did get a bag of Michigan cherry pits and I will be planting several in Scott's memory.

So remember, if you have a recipe written down, READ TWICE, MIX ONCE!! LMAO is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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