Re-use Sand in water pan?

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Jul 6, 2012
I've been using sand in my water pan since sometime last year.  I cover it with HD foil, and Sunday, while I was throwing out the foil that was covering it for the smoke, and replacing it with new, I noticed that the sand was a little hard in places.  I've been just leaving the same sand in the pan, and re-covering it each time.

What do others here do?  Do you use new sand each time, or just keep the sand in the water pan?
When I used an ECB and filled the water with sand I pretty much left it for a long time....unless I had some major grease/fat drips in it of course. Once I went to foil catch pans under the meat that wasn't an issue either. Definitely didn't use new sand every time, I do know that....HTH, Willie
As Willie said, you don't need to replace the sand each time. Just keep it covered with foil & it will last a looooong time 
just replace the foil when needed I have had the same sand for about 2 years and no difference in the quality of the meat I smoke...

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