raised beds - learn from my experience

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Dec 18, 2022
Collinsville, IL
sooooooo. some years ago i built some raised beds out of cedar - 2x8 double layer 3'x6' area. they're great. heavy, and a pain to move. $200 apiece to build. here they are this year refilled with ... well ... fertilizer.

this year i wanted to add 3 more raised beds - to triple my cucumber production and add a row that'd get full sun. found Vevor branded steel raised beds 4'x8'x24" for $100 each at HD on sale. so i picked up 3 of those, but i wanted them to line up with the existing, so i decided to make 4 beds 4'x6'x24" and reached out to Vevor for the bits that i was missing. their reply was "we don't sell the parts separately". also, in the FAQ on their website one of the questions was regarding exactly what i was doing and their response was "we don't recommend constructing raised beds longer than 8' because they tend to get wonky". actual wording on the response. well... they were not wrong. it looks a little pregnant.

the 6' beds also pooched a little bit around the middle, but i think they'll do ok.


also these 24" deep beds hold a lot more dirt. almost 2 yards per 4'x6'x24" bed.

in hindsight, i should've just built some more beds out of cedar - i think they would've looked much nicer in the yard than the steel ones.
We had 2 at this house when we moved it (4'x8x12").
I added two more out of 12" wide redwood so I didn't need to go 2 high with 2x6's.
Top rail or cap and they wouldn't do that . The structural span on that stuff is 3 foot .
All the strength is in the profile , and the edge needs to be supported .
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