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Original poster
May 4, 2007
Buffalo, NY
Hi, i just bought a propane smoker, great outdoors to be exact. I was just wondering how long propane lasts on this, 20lb tank. I know it depends on how much its used and things like that, if i smoked something for 15-20 hours straight, will it run out?

no it should last for about 20-24 hours not sure exactly but i know it is a long time i use two tanks when one is empty i just plug in a new one and it gives me some time to fill the empty
I haven't actually kept track myself, but I read in another string somewhere that if you are running your burner at about 225º, it should last about 30 hours.
Currently I've ran mine on 2 smokes for a total of 19 hours and seems to be quite a bit left.
Hope that helps ......
Ok great, i will probably have to get another tank
Heya, scarfa21!

Our climatic conditions are approximately the same. Best I can get on a 20 lb tank is 24 hours total. And that was in hot weather.

Over many years of outdoor cooking I have come to at least one conclusion....keep an extra tank or two! And don't just buy a bigger tank. An empty big tank is as useless as an empty small tank. Period.

If you are gonna start a smoke have a full spare. And gas can leak, too! That really shortens the life of a tank! Take no chances and keep plenty on hand.


PS Did I mention that extra tanks are the answer?
Scarfa..it is definitly a good idea to have at least one if not 2 spare tanks .I run a 6 burner gas Q and one of those mosquito magnets ....I keep one on each unit and 2 spares ...spares are a must
Id have to agree and say 24 hrs is a good avarege burn time on a tank.
you should get a guage like this one that lets you see how much you have left. find these at wal-mart or other for a few bucks but a life saver.

but having an extra tank on hand is a must for anyone that uses a smoker alot, unless you want to make a late night trip to wal-mart and just try to find someone to help you at THAT hour
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