Quick question on competition chicken, any advice is appreciated...

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ckynick, May 23, 2016.

  1. ckynick

    ckynick Newbie

    Evening all,

    Looking for some words of wisdom from those experienced with competition chicken. Why does having the skin on thighs seem like a neccessity? I would think skinless would be more presentable to the judges. Or is it something that is looked for from the judges?

    Any and all help is welcome and very much appreciated

  2. lancep

    lancep Master of the Pit

    Ok so I have no competition experience but I did watch an episode of pitmasters once. Just so happens that that episode had chicken and Myron Mixon and Aaron Franklin had a whole conversation about bite through skin. Seems to be one of the judging benchmarks. I personally don't care for chicken skin, but, when I smoke chickens I always take a bite or two to keep myself honest. That way, when cook it for others that may like it, I'm confident that I can do it right. Otherwise, I take that sh$& off!!

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