Quick Cure Question

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Apr 4, 2010
So I was talking with my butcher about sausage and cures, I was going to buy some  Morton[emoji]174[/emoji] Tender Quick. He sold me some cure he had. In the excitement I forgot to ask him what it was OPPs. He gave me 4 oz and told me it was good for 100lbs of meat . So I am assuming it is Instacure 1 and I should use 1 oz for 25lbs of meat. 

Thanks for the help.

Robert \
Definitely want to give him a call and ask him.  I would agree that a commercial establishment like that would probably use Instacure 1 but how much does a phone call cost?    He may have diluted it with salt or salt and sugar for a specific application he has.

If it is straight Cure #1 you will want to use a quarter teaspoon per pound of meat or a full teaspoon per 5 pounds of meat.

If it has been mixed with other stuff then you should go by the directions given by your butcher. 
Thanks Guys it was instacure and he said 1 oz per 25 lbs. I just cubed up 15 lbs of pork and 10 lbs of beef. The cure and spices are mixed and melding int he refrigerator and the meat is in the freezers for a little cooling before I grid and stuff later tonight.

I will start a new thread for my first keilbasa attempt.

Thanks again

Instacure is the same thing as Cure #1, Prague Powder #1, Pink Salt, LEM Cure, and TCM.

Great stuff.  Cheap and a little goes a long way. 
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