questions on curing jerky

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rob sicc

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May 5, 2008
new jersey
Hi Friends,

I make beef jerky all of the time and I am looking for an alternative way to cure beer jerky other than using soy sauce.

I have to think there are other ways to make beef jerky safely other than a soy sauce based marinade.  

I'm asking for 2 reason.  1, I want to try different flavorings other than soy.  The second reason is that I am looking to make a Bourbon flavored jerky and I think the soy will over power the bourbon.

All help as always is greatly appreciated.

Please send any coments and sources to read if possible.

Thanks all.


1-2% Salt by weight, cure and any liquid that will help dissolve it. Everything else is your choice...JJ
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Hi JJ,

Thanks for the reply.  I'm sorry but I'm not clear what you mean.

If I have 1 ounce of salt, how much liquid should I use?  if we are dealing with weight for the salt, and volume for the liquid, I'm uncertain about the conversion.

Can you please give me a few examples?  I'm sure I should be able to get it then.  

Thank you.
Salt based on the Meat Weight. Liquid as needed to enrobe the meat and distribute the flavors. 5lb of Beef = .8 to 1.6 oz salt...JJ
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So what your saying is as long as the liquid solution contains 1-2% of salt based on the weight of the meat, the amount of liquid is irrelevant (with in reason of course)?
You are just getting the meat wet to distribute the ingredients evenly...JJ
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Thanks JD and JJ.
I've been making jerky for almost 25 years and always used soy. I'm not complaining because everyone loves it but I was to make something with bourbon and I think not using soy would help from muddling the flavor of the the bourbon.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks sgain
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