Question ? Thinking about a stuffer

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Jan 6, 2011
[h3]This will be in the future, I'll have to wait a while  "Boss just let me buy a Slicer, scales and vacuum sealer[/h3]
But was interested in what everybody thought about this one, We have a Northern Tool here in Tyler, I'll watch for sales    

Thoughts appreciated,   I wont be a heavy duty user and realize it has plastic gears 
[h3]  [/h3][h3]Kitchener 5-Lb. Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer[/h3]
Item# 508314

"High-quality Kitchener sausage stuffer provides years of reliable service. Features a removable stainless steel cylinder and base for easy filling and fast cleaning. Food-grade plastic piston is easy to clean and has built-in stainless steel pressure relief valve to avoid blowouts. Upright canister holds as much meat as a horizontal stuffer, but takes up less space. Base can be attached to flat surface. Includes 3 stuffing tubes. Capacity lbs. 5, Dimensions L x W x H in. 12 1/16 x 9 5/8 x 16, Outlet Diameter in. Variety, Stuffing Tubes Included Yes, 3/4in., 7/8 in. & 1in. Removable 4 7/8in.W x 8in.H stainless steel cylinder is easy to clean and maintain Durable stainless steel base 8 1/2in. long handle is easy to crank Base has welded steel frame and predrilled holes for attachment to counter or table Comes with 3/4in., 7/8in. and 1in. stuffing tubes for a variety of outputs"

I have this one.. and yes I have replaced the gears ( got a second set just in case)... Most of it was my fault tho as I didn't add water to the mix when doing snack sticks... speaking of sticks... you will have to get different tubes to do them as the smallest one this comes with is 3/4" ... I think you'll be good to go with this providing you can find smaller tubes ...
Thanks I look for both     

That's the stuffer I have Gary & it's been just perfect for me... I have had zero issues with it ! Very easy to take apart & clean ! Real user friendly in my opinion !
I have that one too Gary.

Works great so far. Only made maybe 50 lbs so far.

Bear posted a link to get metal gears so I think I am going to try the metal gear replacement.
I'll keep an eye out for a sale or 20 % off coupon

I'll keep an eye out for a sale or 20 % off coupon


Hey Gary, just done some checking real quick.... Til 5/15/15 enter code 210336 at checkout on Northern Tools site for $20 off a $100 purchase ! The stuffer is $99.99 & I tossed on a small screwdriver set for $3 ! Put me over $100 & got a handy & cheap little screwdriver set !
Horrible customer service. Read my thread here called "Is my LEM a lemon".

I have other LEM products that I have had no issues with what so ever. But machining on the stuffer and the tubes is horrible. Cheap Chinese work and steal that LEM won't stand behind.

Tubes are rusting inside due to poor machining. The brass washer is wearung and throws no shavings into the tub due to poor machining on the neck of the stuffer. I have hand washed and dried these after each use. LEM's answer was for me to store in rice and to hear in a high temp oven to dry. My stainless tubes from my ancient Enterprise stuffer have zero rust and are smooth and shiny inside and out. I've used the same cleaning and drying process on those.

Their answer to this problem was for me to "add more water to my meat mixture." Ummm I've been making sausage for 20 years and there's no problem with the consistency of the meat. The shavings happen even when there's nothing in the tub.
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