Question on propane smokers

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Oct 30, 2007
I am looking at getting a new smoker, and up to this point had only been looking at the pellet smokers.  I saw a propane smoker at Bass Pro Shop and started thinking about those.  One advantage (for me) is that I can get a propane smoker cheaper than a pellet.  But is there advantages of one over the other?  I have really only smoked on a brinkman that had charcoal as the fuel supply and also a electric model I had from Walmart.  I have really only done beef briskets but want to expand my horizons, especially after learning about fatties!  Any info would be appreciated!
Yea one big advantage of the propane ones is you don't have to buy those expensive pellets.
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Cant respond about the pellet smokers as have never used one.

But gas gives you  pretty inexpensive  operation   ( i get about 35-40 hrs per tank) and less worrys about  refueling compared to charcoal and  easier to hold a set term.. at least comparted to my old ECB.

hope this helps  
You can buy a 2 lb bag of wood chips for $1.89 and 10 lb bag of chunk for $4.89 at Academy Sports locally.  I'm not sure what pellets cost, but chip/chunk is pretty cheap.  Plus, they have these prices in hickory, pecan, apple, mesquite, oak, and a couple others...  Lots of variety in wood.
I think this really depends on your budget. If your looking into a $150-300 propane smoker, you need to modify them to get the performance that you would with a pellet smoker. If you can spend more than that, I think the differences are much more subtle. After buying my Masterbuilt and extensively modifying it, I have seen some propane units for 2-3 times the cost that much or more that are much nicer units that I can see competing head to head with a Pellet smoker. Although the Pellet smokers are still more "set & forget" than a propane unit. You still need to replace the wood chunks with a propane unit.

If I decide to upgrade down the road, I will be looking much harder at spending the extra $$$ on a pellet smoker. There are some very nice units out there for $800-2000.
Have you thought about a charcoal smoker. The WSM is well built, easy to use, holds temp very well & is in your price range.

I would recommend that you go with a gas smoker I have 2 of them and they work great with no troubles. Now I would also recommend that you get the Big Block GOSM at Bass Pro Shop or the Smoke Vault 24" at Gander Mtn.
I have used several variations of Brinkmen’s, charcoal, gas, and electric. I thought the gas version was a lot easier to operate, but I thought it had a distinctive taste that I didn’t really care for.

Cookshack makes electric and pellet smokers. Cookshack is an American company. Their smokers are American made. Should you ever have a need to call customer service you get to talk a real person (no recordings) who: has used the smoker, knows what you are talking about, and is able to solve whatever problem you are having.  No run around.

I bought my first Cookshack many years ago because I saw one in a well known local restaurant.  That and I had researched several different builds. I liked what I saw and read about the Cookshack.

 My first Cookshack was the Smokette model. I think I paid around $325 for it. By the time I got the stand, a cover, some odds and ends, and shipping from Cabala’s I think I had around $600 in it. Today, I think, the Smokette and all the crap I bought with it would be around $800 with the shipping from Cabala’s. I had easily spent that much going through the many El Cheapo smokers I had bought.

The only problem I have ever had with my Smokette was when I did wings I would have to load it 3 times to get the job done, but then I will do a heaped up roaster full when I do wings.

Last March I bought a Cookshack AmeriQue so I could have more capacity. I had plans of leaving my Smokette at my cabin so I wouldn’t have to drag the AmeriQue back and forth. Last month someone offered me $600 for it so I sold it, I kind of wish I wouldn’t have now because I was still using the Smokette once a month or so. Cookshacks are good about holding their value.

I use the AmeriQue almost every weekend. I have never had a temperature fluctuation with either smoker. All Cookshack smokers have 850⁰insulation. I have never thought twice about starting either smoker up at 9:00 PM, throwing in a brisket, going to bed at 10:00, and not worrying about them till what ever time I woke up and decided to start getting around in the morning.  Below zero smoking? No problem.

Stop by the Cookshack forum and check it out also take a look at Mainely Dave’s link. Dave is a diabetic who bought a Smokette and started a blog to conical his smoking experiences with his new toy.
Interesting posts here at the right time for me. Brought my new toy home yesterday from Lowes....a Master Forge VGS that after much research and reading up on I decided on as an upgrade from my old charcoal ECB before popping bigger bucks on a MES 40 or something else. It's the double door model, which I liked the idea of, with 4 racks. I did the manuals suggested 'dry' seasoning (no spray inside) of it yesterday and planning on ribs for tonights dinner. Only 1 left in the 3 Lowes close to me, the floor model, list price of $149. I closely examined it and all was there but the box and, natch, already assembled for me. On checkout the gal gave me a 10% discount, without me asking, for taking the floor model!! So, total was 135 bucks. I retightened and aligned the racks and fired it off. Held temps nicely for 2 hours with TBS coming off the heavy chip pan with some seepage out the door, so may do the oven gasket mod today before tonights smoke. Used my digital probe through the potato trick to check temps and I was amazed....the factory therm was spot on! On the Lowes site this thing had over 30 reviews by users, all but 1 were very positive so I was encouraged by that. They had a MES 30 sitting next to it for 200 bucks and the racks were the same size so felt OK with the MF in that regard as well. We'll see tonite how the maiden smoke goes and will do a Qview later.....Willie  

Cant respond about the pellet smokers as have never used one.

But gas gives you  pretty inexpensive  operation   ( i get about 35-40 hrs per tank) and less worrys about  refueling compared to charcoal and  easier to hold a set term.. at least comparted to my old ECB.

hope this helps  
how big of a cylinder do u use, the little 10lbs clyinder u can get at the store or is it a bigger cylinder and if so what size is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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