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Discussion in 'Pork' started by frankiexx, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. On the outside of a loin back rib there is a strip of meat that kinda runs diagonally across the ribs. What is this called? While eating my first ribs I ever smoked today it seemed there was a strip of fat running under it. Ribs were pretty good for my first time, but biting into that gooey fat wasn't very appetizing. I don't recall that being there when I buy ribs at at BBQ place. Do some just trim that off and remove the fat? Thanks. Im learning a lot of great info on here!
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    That strip is the diaphragm. Some packing plants take them off, some don't. I take the strip off and then with my knife, I'll trim away what fat is there. That strip then gets the silver skin removed and smoked and put into my Wicked Baked Beans.

    Some where on the wikilinks is a tutorial on how to take a slab of ribs and turn them into St. Louis style ribs.
  3. I thought that was on the inside if the rib where the membrane is. If you look at my pic above, you can see the piece Im talking about. Maybe we are talking about the same thing. I`ll figure all this out someday!
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    It is on the underside.  Dutch seems to have misunderstood what you were talking about.     WRT that strip you mentioned, it all depends on how they trim the ribs at the packing house.  Sometimes that piece is there, other times it isn't.  You could trim it off if you want.  Or go with higher heat next time and try to get the fat to render out better.
  5. Think I might try trimming it off next time and see how it goes. Thanks. Great part about learning is I get to keep cooking ribs!

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