Question about curing - ham sausage

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Meat Mopper
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Feb 17, 2018
St Charles, MO
First of all, I'm almost in tears about Bearcarver. I knew the announcement was coming soon, as he was under hospice care. I bet he would of had an answer to my question. Rest in peace, Bear.

Onto my question.

I'm going to make PS Seasoning's "ham sausage" this coming weekend. The instructions say to mix the seasonings into the meat, place in a container, and let it rest overnight before stuffing. Although they recommend fiberous casings, I'm going to stuff into hog casings and make links similar to kielbasa.

My question is this: is there any harm in mixing and stuffing, and letting the links cure overnight? It works for my kielbasa.... It should be fine here too, right? (link to the recipe below)

Thanks in advance,

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