Question about 1st brisket smoke.....Qview & money shot!

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Jan 20, 2011
New Jersey
I have the brisket in the smoker as we speak, but on average, how much does the internal temp increase per hour? Im running a CCSV @ around 240-250. So, a little over an hour in, the internal temp is at 110. Thanks for any feedback!

Every one that I have done is different. It may stall & even loose temp at some point. You just have to be patient. I usually smoke mine at a little lower temp, 220-225. Good luck & keep us posted.
As Al said, it's difficult to say really. Are you smokin' a packer or just a flat?  Good luck with your first one and don't forget to share the Qview!
Yep..what al said. Every piece of meat cooks differant. Go by IT temp and not so much time wise.But you can generaly go by 1- 1.5 hrs per pound,depending on stall times it could be longer.Take it up to a IT temp of 195-205 depending on if your slicing or pulling.
Thanks for the input guys. I am about 3 hours in and it's at an IT of 146. Seems to be stalling in the 140's which seems to be the norm. I will keep everyone posted followed by some Qviews later. Stay tuned...
Here we are 4.5 hours in and at IT of 166:


Going to be doing a few ABTs as well:

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We stalled out around 166 and it backed down to around 152. Right now we are 7 hours in and climbing back up with the IT is at 159.

Here are the ABTs...stuffed and wrapped.

Patience Grasshopper...... The time differs with every, muscle,connective tissue , on and on...that's the wonder of BBQ, the waiting. Anticipation makes the end product better.And the comradery of sharing drinks with friends is a big part of the BBQ experience for me

Just be PATIENT , and you rewards will be delicious
Here we go guys. This flat finally finished after 10.5 hours in the ol' CCSV. It had a great taste with a nice smoke ring, but I wish it would have been a bit more tender. The ABTs were AWESOME! Stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar/jack cheese, pepper and a lil garlic powder then wrapped with thick cut bacon. are a few shots:


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