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Jun 18, 2007
I have smoked lots of ribs and turkey in my vertical gas smoker and have noticed that my turkey, while tasty, lacks the deep smoke flavor we crave. I have a typical firebox that is about 6in X 6in. I soak and then add various wood chips purchased from the store. During the smoking period I notice that there is only a steady stream of smoke from the vent for brief periods of time.

Can anyone give some thoughts on how to kick up the smoke flavor a notch. Feel free to dumb it down to a very prescriptive level!

Well, you might consider buying a loaf pan if it will fit in the space where your 6X6 goes, do some measuring and then go shopping. A loaf pan will be deeper and longer than your 6X6.
Punch some holes in the sides and bottom, not large ones, just want to provide air flow. Then fill that puppy to within 1/2" of the top with chips of your choice and smoke on. See if that increases your smoke time and flavor.
Guy called PigCicles turned me on to that one.
I use a 10 inch cast iron skillet in my vertical smoker. Easy to handle, re-fill with chips and clean when necessary.

Sometimes you have to do a few minor mods to get your smoker working best for you.
I had thought of looking for a larger pan to increase the amount of wood in my smoker.

My next question is what to do when all the wood is spent during the cooking process. Do you throw it out and add more soaked wood to continue the smoke? Or do you add more wood on top of it?
With the iron skillet I use I just pitch the ashes into out patio "chimmenia" and put more wood in the pan as needed.

It's really a personal preference.......
I completely empty my pan and add fresh wood!I keep some soaking wood while the smoke is going on. Try some chunks mixed with chips.
Depending on how much ash - I often just move it to the edges and add more wood but I have a pretty good sized wood pan.
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