Pulled Pork

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Sep 5, 2020
We did not get together with friends on the fourth since everyone was out of town. So we are getting together this Sunday!

I was elected to cook, mostly I think, because no one else wanted too. Everyone wants pulled pork. I would have added ribs or something else for fun, but I’m getting over COVID and don’t have a lot of energy. So my part of the menu is pulled pork, smoked baked beans, and an apple chipotle BBQ sauce using real apples. This is my first try with this sauce and I’ll know if I like it after it sits over night.

Ten hours start to finish for an eight pound butt. Smoked five hours at 350 over hickory, then at 160 IT, I moved it to a foil pan, added apple juice and bourbon, and covered it. Into the oven at 350 for four more hours. At 204 IT, it probed nicely. I pulled it and let it rest in a towel for an hour. It smelled great in the smoker. I am having the house painted and I owe the painter a smoked treat for smelling it all day. Maybe I’ll make him a pulled pork lunch tomorrow.

It shredded beautifully! It just fell apart, I didn’t need forks. Mrs Smoke gives it two thumbs up!

Tomorrow, beans!


Looks good. I have two butts going on tomorrow also. Let us know about the sauce. Sounds interesting
Looks delicious! Bet it took forever to paint your house! You gonna make him touch up the drool marks?
Plus 1 on the sauce! :emoji_blush:

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Yes, you do owe the painter, the pain of smelling that awesome smell all day would be torture. Ha ha looks delicious, awesome PP.
Thanks for the likes! I’ll keep you posted on the BBQ sauce.

I’ve been busy making beans this morning. Maple bacon, my own smoked ham, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, bourbon and a bunch of other stuff. I divided it into two foil pans and put them in the smoker for a little over two hours stirring and adding beef broth. They taste great now and should be fantastic by morning.

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