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  1. Tomorrow I am gonna smoke a Boston butt in the past I tried to pull with some claws before and it was very difficult to pull did i not smoke long enough what is the recomended temp for this.

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    The word around the street here is roughly 200* IT for pulled. Most people pull them out at 195* IT, wrap in foil/towel and let rest for about an hour to get it to that 200-205* mark.
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  3. Thank you very much thought maybe wasn't getting hot enough
  4. Never done a Boston butt, just smaller boneless ones, but have a 9 pounder cryopacked in the fridge to throw on later this week. Mind sharing some details? How big is it? What temp are you planning on use. How long do you expect it to take? What wood do you plan to use? Any other fun facts? Also, would love to know and see how it turns out.
  5. When I am going to pull it I let it go to 205 while in the smoker and then foil and towel it for 4 hours.
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    X2...If you get that butt to 205* IT, then wrap it up and let it rest for at least an hour, it'll pull easily.  In fact it may fall apart as you take it out of the foil.

  7. Just pulled out smoked about 210deg from 10:30 last night about 8hrs then bumped up 230deg for about 4hrs then wrapped and basted with apple cider and throwed in my Kamodo for 3 hrs at 350deg  now resting not sure how long it will last resting smells way to good:). First I soaked in apple cider and about 10 cloves of Garlic for 8hrs then applied a rub and threw in my smoker.
  8. Oh gonna use soflquer finishing sauce recipes on the other post picture and end results will follow :)
  9. Thank you very much dont think I can hold everyone offe for 4 hrs :)
  10. Thanks so much red for your advice I told boogie dont think I can hold out that long smells way to good pulled out around 204 and up to 206 now gonna let it rest for i hr
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    Looks great Steve!  Nice job!  Glad it turned out so good.


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