pulled pork on the Jumbo Joe and oven

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Fueling Around

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Dec 10, 2018
FL winter, MN summer
I recently bought a Weber Jumbo Joe. Grills just fine but got the itch for something smoked.
I thought my first attempt would be a failure, but it turned out well and wife approved.
I decided to share a long thread

I used an aluminum pan but wanted something to raise the pork off the bottom.
No rack so I made them from skewers broke in half and rolled in aluminum foil

skewer.png skewer-2.png

Made 3 for the pan

A small 2# cut of the shoulder that bottom side is dusted with chili powder, cumin, black pepper, oregano, cayenne, and salt. I ran out of dust so fat side got black pepper and salt.

I loaded a smoke tube with apple pellets and started a chimney with lump charcoal.
Sorry, no photos.

Put the pan on the Joe. Lump partial burning, and tube is smoking well.

Closed it up hoping for the best.

Nice thin blue smoke, but not photo evident. I wished I am as thin as my shadow in the photo.

Uh forgot to get the sandal shot for Brokenhandle Brokenhandle
I'm in the parking lot of the condo for our snowbird winter.

I didn't get the damper correct and the smoke tube went out but the lump as still doing the job.
I poured apple pellets directly on the lump coals to get smoke on the pork. Small piece of pork so I didn't go crazy.
I had to stir the lump and add more pellets after an hour.


4 hours on the grill and 150° IT. Not sure the temp, but the dome was warm to touch so guessing around 200°

Forgot to get a photo before double foil wrapping the pan and into a 240° oven.
We got home about 4 hours later.
Meat was very probe tender, but not mush

Wife was very excited about the pork and gentle apple smoke scent in the air.

She had to have a taste before it cooled to pulling temperature
She loves the cayenne kick of the dust I used on the bottom side.

I didn't copy the recipe for the dust. I'll try to get it next time. Wife wants it again so that is my go.

Thanks all
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That Jumbo Joe is a great little grill. And doing a pork butt on it, where there is a will there is a way. Good job, it looks fantastic. :emoji_thumbsup:
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Heck yes, where there is a will there's a way! Looks good from here! You sure you don't want us to send you some snow? And reheating it in the sous vide...coffee can on top of engine filled with water? :emoji_blush:

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Thank you all
I got lucky on the maiden run with the Joe and using lump charcoal.
I much prefer the flavor of lump over briquettes, too.
The foil pan is around 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" and that is about the largest that fits in the Joe for some indirect cooking.
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Wow. Looks like you did a really nice job on that. Kettles can post some specific challenges but looks like you nailed this one. Well done!!

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Looks great, just bought s JJ to use in the camper and a upcoming vacation to the beach, glad to get some ideas on what it can do
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Looks great, just bought s JJ to use in the camper and a upcoming vacation to the beach, glad to get some ideas on what it can do
I haven't finished the modifications needed to make it more user friendly.
Needs the wood handle extension on the bottom damper. I started with just a bolt to tap with the tongs or spatula.
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