processed mozzarrela not fresh

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with all we play with here at the ranch, this is the first mozzarella, so out of the the grate i have processed not fresh. i understand it is a short smoke but here is the real question??? with all the experience out here would you treat them the same??? or treat the processed more like a soft white such as monterey jack or provelone for example???

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Feb 5, 2010
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I would just say go with it the same for now and see what the results are when it has sat for a while vs immediately, then adjust from there for the next time. My opinion is it comes down to personal taste...I don't like a heavy smoke taste but many do. My smokes, whether cheese or meats is based on how I like it...and I have had others say it would be better this way or that way (which I take all criticism and compliments and decipher where to go with them or to apply them).

So, basically I just say go for it any way you prefer. It's all good in the end!

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