Prime Rib

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matthew smith

Original poster
Dec 25, 2013
Can anyone tell me if they have tried searing a prime rib on the grill before smoking ? I did this before by seasoning it the 12/24 hours before . Next morning rubbing it with olive oil and searing on a 500 degree grill on all sides then putting it in the smoker for a couple hours . Any suggestions would be appreciated ! Thanks !
What you've described will work fine. A reverse sear, however, might work as well or perhaps even better. Check this thread out

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Yep, my vote would be the reverse sear.   Searing at the outset generally results in a fairly wide band of brown/grey over cooked edges of the Prime Rib.

Similar to this:

Doing a reverse sear would give you a similar crust on the outside, but with better edge to edge color and temp uniformity. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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