Prepping 500 Gal. Propane Tank

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jmac attack

Original poster
Jan 22, 2017
I'm starting my first build and before I cut into the body of my tank I need to know how to prep it or clean the inside from any combustible residue. I've looked on line and found bits and pieces. I figured someone could tell me or give me a good website to go to. Thanks
Fill it with Dawn and water...   that pushes out all the propane and help dissolve the oil that is the smell...  Lower the water level to below the cut line and cut with a thin cut off wheel on an angle grinder or plasma torch...  cut where you will be putting the hinges on....  do not cut everything where you can get to later...   In other words, leave the corners and maybe a tab or two along the long cuts...    Weld on the hinges and door seals....  door seals can be 1/16" steel...  or anything...  they seal out tramp air...  and hold the door in place..

  Plug and Slot welds, on the door seal, reduce the chance of warping of the door...  there are many ideas on how to do this....   

ALSO...  some suggest welding on the Fire Box before cutting on the door to reduce warping of the propane tank when the door is cut out.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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