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Aug 9, 2020
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I mentioned in another post last week sometime that I'm struggling to dial my PP rub recipe back in. Well - I am no longer concerned about that old thing.

Why? Because I am onto something new......

My original rub was fairly simple. Salt, black and cayenne pepper, chili powder (plain - nothing fancy), onion powder, garlic powder, brown sugar, paprika (and lots of it)

Butts being on sale for a penny under a buck locally (Food Lion) I picked up a couple Friday and took one out of cold storage (from Oct 2021 - also .99 a lb) and decided to run it through the process.

Someone on here mentioned a Kinder's Buttery Steakhouse seasoning not so long ago, said it was a new go-to and when I saw a jar of it in Sam's 2 weeks ago I scooped it up. I thought it'd be tasty on burgers, and it d@mn sure is. So good that I'm going to put it on steak the next time I have a ribeye craving - and I typically ONLY use soy sauce, salt and pepper on my ribeyes. But this Kinders stuff is tasty.

I was tossing rub mix into a container - the old usual suspects when my eye lighted on that jar of Buttery stuff. I had already added the salt - and this Kinders already has salt in it so I didn't add a ton of it - maybe a third of a cup- and decided I'd just lay a little less rub on than usual.

Welp - I scored the fat cap, hit it with the yaller mustard, and went to slopping on the rub. It was a good sized butt - 11.5 lbs - and I decided it could handle all the rub I'd mixed up.

Pit Boss running Pit Boss comp blend @ 240. It was a very still night, and my Boss loves still nights with no wind. My grate probe never broke 250 nor dipped below 230. LOVE that Savannah Stoker PID.

Smoked it for about 5 hours until meat probe hit 156. I was tired as all get out and low on pellets - so I went ahead and pulled it, put it in a foil pan, covered it in foil, and set it into my oven at 195. I have learned that I can do this to PP (the 195) and it doesn't matter if I let it go for 15 hours - it still won't dry out and will come out good. When I woke up it was still only reading 185 on the probe and I needed to go to work because work is CRAZY right now. So I let it ride still at 195.

Get home a little later than I thought I would and pull it out of the oven. It's reading 193 but it is probing like it's made of air and that's more than good enough for me.

Let it barely cool down and pull it. My sneak bite of bark was kind of an uh-oh bite. My bark is always a bit salty (as it should be....) but this is VERY salty. I take a bit of the bark on what was the fat cap and set it to the side so as to control the salt a tad.

Pull it, mix it, and taste it.

HO-LEE-STUFF - man is it good. Not salty at all - so I live a little and squish in all of the reserve.

It's crazy good. I can taste the Kinder's even after all of that cook time - and man does it work well with PP.

My new rub is going to be a half cup of that stuff with all of the usual suspects and a little lower white salt.

It's not an expensive jar either. It was about 5.50 at Sam's and I think I'm going to put that sh#^ on everything.

Gonna get another butt or 2 too. Brisket was 3.89 for both prime AND choice @ Sam's and I passed because they only had a couple of primes and they were kind of scrawny. Check your local stores! You might get lucky.

I'm a brisket purist. Salt, black pepper, heat and smoke. Not for long........ There is a Kinder's Buttery Steakhouse brisket in my VERY near future providing that price is the same next time I go. I'll take pics of that one!
That Kinders is definitely some good stuff!

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