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    .... of one of you favorite or most recent cooks on the CG in this thread.

    We're up to 99 members so there should be a lot of replies and pics posted here by the end of summer, so don't be shy people.

    Here's a couple from my son's birthday last weekend-

    ABTs made with jalapenos(top tray) and small sweet peppers filled with apple pie cream cheese-

    Hot and sweet Italian sausages-

    So,who's next?
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    I just did my first smoke of the year.  5 chuckies, but I just got a new computer and can't find some of my programs to load into it, like my favorite photo editor.  As soon as I get this windows 10 thing figured out (never?  [​IMG] lol)   and find my lost programs, I will be posting some more.

    Hi everybody!!! 
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    Well, I still haven't found my favorite photo editing program, so I'll just have to post whether or not the color and etc. is off a bit.

    This was my 1st cook of the year.  06-11-2017  I cooked 5 chuckies for a fundraiser.  They cam out great and were a hit with all who had the pulled/chopped beef bbq.  I was very happy with how they came out.  Good bark and excellent flavor.  No sauce needed as the meat styed moist inside, even though most al of the fat had rendered after 10+ hours in the CG.

    On the smoker.

    Last 3 coming off the smoker .....  FINALLY!  (See 10 1/2 hour chuckie smoke  )


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    I finally got around to another smoke yesterday.  3 racks of ribs.

    Took ribs out of the fridge to counter for 20 minutes later while I lit some charcoal.

    Put them (still cold) on a cool 150* smoker with 1/2 chimney of lit coals to one side of a pile of unlit ones in the basket.

    1/2 hour later smoker was at 240* and I added some wood chunk for smoke, and away we went.

    Now my Maverick died on me during the end of my last smoke.  Just kaput.  The remote would not turn on at all.  Bummer.  So I ordered a cheaper Thermo Works one from a SMF Sponsor.

    Received it a week or so ago.  Did a boiling water test and it was within a couple degrees.  But... then I decided to take the maverick remote apart to see if there was anything I could do inside to fix it.  Nope all solid state.

    Oh well..... but...., when I put it back together it turned on and started working again!  HUH?

    I was happy to have my Maverick back, and figured I'd keep the new cheapie as a back up.

    But today, I decided to run them both side by side to check the new one out.   At first I thought the new one was WAY off.  But after many probes switching, and placement, as well as checking with a non-remote digital therm, and it turned out that it was my maverick that was haywire, not the Thermo Works.  So tomorrow my Maverick will take a trip to the dump, as I wipe a tear from my eye.  I sure did love that thing while it was working properly.

    Long boring story huh?  LOL

    Anyway, with all this testing and switching things in and out and around, I must have had the lid open on the smoke chamber at least 50 times.  I figured it would take me 8 hours to finish the ribs because of that, but they still got done, good bark, and very tender at 5 1/2 hours in.  I didn't notice that tho', until I checked them for doneness at the 6 hour mark.

    A little more tender than I like, but over all, I'm happy.

    No plated photo's, or smoke ring photo's.  .  I did do a taste test with one skirt that I forgot to trim off before had.  Even that, was juicy and tender.

    I am giving one of these to a neighbor, and the others to a horse therapy program, for Veterans with PTS, as well as First Responders, and children with severe problems.
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  6. fpmich

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    Looks good Cliff!  What kind of steak are those?
  7. cliffcarter

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    They look great to me, Cliff.

    I did two slabs of ribs, to boneless, skinless breast, and 8 GIANT drumsticks.  Haven't seen chicken legs like that since I was a kid and we raised our own.  Looked like young turkey legs, compared to those sparrow legs Tyson, and other processers, sell in stores.

    One my best and easiest smokes.

    1.  First time I tried skinless, boneless breast in the smoker.  I was afraid I would dry them out, but they turned out nice and juicy for my daughter.  I was pleased with that.

    2.  The chicken drumsticks took 3 hours, rather than the usual 1 1/2 hours.  Yeah they were that hugh!

    3.  Both slabs of ribs were done at the 4 1/2 mark!  WOW!  I've never had that happen before.

    Today was a good day!

    My wife and I, my older sister, my daughter, and a friend of ours enjoy a nice visit in the shade.  We had to keep chasing the shade with our chairs for awhile though.

    It's the first time I seen 5 chicken eaters only eat one leg each with some side salad dishes, and proclaim they were full.

    Bad news though... here I was with full smoker, family and friends, and I forgot to get my camera out!  So no Q-view.  I was too busy having fun.  LOL
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    I've been busy lately-

    2 picnics for pulled pork-

    2 pork tenderloins with apple rub-

    and done-

    chicken halves for sandwiches and chicken fried rice-

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