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  1. Ok. I've had my grill a year. Been through 100-120 lbs of charcoal since last summer.

    I have to smoke 2 pork butts on sat and need a little help. I plan on brining them both. 1 is 6lbs the other is 8 lbs and I play. On using a mesquite cherry blend of 1:4 to keep from overpowering.

    The big one I am going to do a blackened seasoning/ghost pepper flake dry rub and may add a little bourbon to the brine. Also plan on sticking cloves of garlic into the meat.

    The second I wand something more traditional and southern. Suggestions?

    They are being smoked simultaneously on a chat-griller with an added Texas smoker. Planning on 12 hours or longer.
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    Pulled pork is North Carolina's signature.  Find some Carolina rubs and sauces and go old school.

    I'd share mine, but they're a secret [​IMG]
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  3. I will definitely look at that. My family is a bunch of southerners and mountain folk. It's Mother's Day dinner. So I gotta get it right.

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