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Pork shoulder done 8 hours early


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I have two 8lb butts both done way too early. I have 8 hours until serving time. I already pulled one and have it covered in foil. The other is wrapped in foil and still whole. Trying to figure out how to reheat the pulled one... in the oven, crockpot, Sous vide ? I pulled it in a glass pan so all of the juices are still in the pan. Should I add anything else to retain/add moisture? ACV, Dr Pepper, Coke, water, etc.

And for the one that is still whole should I go ahead and shred it or try to keep it whole?


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If it's not too late....I assume you've "pulled" them both from the fire. And you've pulled/shredded one and the other is whole?

If you're sure your crowd will eat enough to need the 2nd one, I'd pull/shred it now. They pull better when warm. And I think a crock pot on the lowest temp it'll go is your best bet. You can add whatever sauce you want later. Serving pulled pork buffet-style, direct from a crockpot, is a good way to go...but perhaps I'm showing my low-class breeding.

If I misunderstood and you haven't pulled the one from the fire yet, I'd ask the internal temp. If it's <180, I'd leave it on until 190 or even 200...it will pull even easier then.


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You can "hold" it at 160 pretty much forever.
It will become overcooked at some point but food safety is the name of the game here.


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I pull ahead and rewarm often I do it in a big toaster pan. I always make sure to smoke a pan of broth under them to defat and mix back in. If you don’t have a lot of pan drippings you can always mix in a little chicken broth if it drys out too much. When you mix that smoked broth back through it’s better than the minute you pull it.

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