Pork Ribs with Q-View

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Jan 27, 2011
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Bought some Babyback Pork Spareribs and Pork Loin Backribs.  I smoked these a couple of weeks ago but was having trouble getting the pictures uploaded with comments.  Finally figured it out I hope, will see what happens when I hit the send button.

I just used some John Henry's pecan rub, We use this rub on a lot of things that we cook on the grill and really like the flavor.  I cooked these using the 3-2-1 method and held the heat to 225 degF. 

All thawed out and ready to go.


Put on rub the night before, wrapped and put in fridge till morning


Loaded with dust and ready to go.  Because I was going to foil after 3 hours I did not fill it full.


The MES 30 is in the warm up mode, using a digital thermo I set the temp to 225 degF


In the smoker looking good.


After 3 hours they get the foil treatment


Out of the grill and ready for the plate


Second shot ready for the plate


Ready to check the efforts of the day.


They came out great and had good color but the JH Pecan rub did not have as much flavor as I would have hoped. 
Great job on those ribs! I see you have a smoke daddy on the side, do you use both that & the AMNS?
Thanks everyone for the reply.  I have had the MES30 for a few years but I used it for jerky most of the time.  I found and followed this site for awhile, finally decided to get off my butt and became a member and have been trying different types of smokes.

SmokinAl, I do have both the Smoke Daddy and the AMNS but have never used them both at the same time, I just got them both this winter and have been playing around a little bit.  Long smokes such as the ribs, pulled pork, etc I have been using the AMNS.  There are times I want to get more smoke like when I make jerky and then the Smoke Daddy comes into play.  I have not modified my grill yet but will do so soon to be able to move the Smoke Daddy as needed.  With the grill I bought from Sears a few years ago I can use either propane or charcoal, problem is there is no vents on the bottom only on the back of the lid which makes controlling the temp a real challenge.  It is also not very air tight so if I am going to grill steaks or chops I am thinking the Smoke Daddy will work with the greater amount of smoke, again will play with each.

Chef Willie, this was one of those what is in the fridge/freezer that we should get used up, when I looked back at these pictures to post I even thought to myself what a strange selection of food but no complaints from the scavenger's with the plates and hardware in hand.
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