Pork Loin

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 30, 2022
Also decided to break in the Savannah with a pork loin and honestly probably the best pork loin I've smoked. Just scored the top, mustard, then a homemade rub. Cooked it at 225 for probably 3 hours. It was super juicy and honestly almost falling apart. And honestly think the PitBoss is adding even more smoke to my food. Not really a pork loin fan but went back for seconds.


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Looks good, looks darn good if not over cooked. I pull mine at 140 letting it cruise to 145. Used to hate loin when I cooked it to 165
Looks great to me. Been a while since I've done a pork loin. After looking at yours I'm gonna have to change that.

Yeah might have to cook another one soon and cook it to between 140-145 and let it ride the flavor was good though just could've been even more tender
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