Pork loin ribs ≠ baby back ribs

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Dec 6, 2020
Huntsville, AL
Does anyone else feel this way?
If I wanted pork loin, I would buy a pork loin.
I want to grill my baby back ribs without that mountain of loin on top. I know, I know, people want meat on their ribs.
But loin really doesn't need to be cooked past 150F, and I like my ribs grilled to 180-200F.
What's a fella to do?




What is your opinion? Loin or not?
I know some folks here will trim that loin off and use it elsewhere. I'll be doing that on any with excess loin meat in the future. I think they started doing this because value has shifted to ribs being more per lbs than loin. Overall I actually prefer spares
+1. I think my protesting is working HA! Seeing improvements and more STL ribs as of late.
My wife loves the extra meaty BB. She also loves them chew off the bone. When I do ribs its always two racks, one for me and whoever else and one for her. But she is the only person I know that prefers BB cooked like a pork chop or loin.
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If I want loin on my baby backs I buy a rack of pork and pull it at 150.....

for ribs, There is a supplier that has pre-trimmed BB's near me so I either buy those or I trim it off.
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I agree, but you are buying that loin meat that you trim at a more than premium price. Most of a rack of BB is bone, and you pay more for that than a boneless loin. I just don’t buy them except when I have to. If you want ribs, and you want trim for sausage and such, the spare rib is the bang for the buck. Trim them up St. Louis style and grind the rest. It’s a better value, at least in my mind and better ribs.
We lived in Southern Illinois in the 1990's and loved to frequent Mike Mills and his Apple City BBQ. He always said it started with "true baby backs," 1.5 to 2 lb max. Sadly, the last time we went to his 17th Street restaurant in 2017 (we were there for the total eclipse), the ribs were mediocre at best.
I never buy “extra meaty” babies, as you say different parts cook very differently. Passable, sorta, if I wrap … but not good unwrapped.
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