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Pork Loin questions, step by step


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Hey gang,

So, I'm ready to smoke my first pork loin for me and the love of my life.  I've done thousands of smokes but never a pork loin.   Here's my plan and questions. 

1 - I plan of getting a loin from Costco.  Is it me or does Costco sells the largest loins ever?  Seriously, they're huge. 

2 - As far as a rub, I plan on either (i) Jeff's rub (I love this rub for pork); or (ii) one my my favorite rib rubs.  For pork, I don't mind having a bit of sweetness;

3 - I'm going to use my Masterbuilt smoker because I plan on smoking to an IT of 145* at about 235*.  If, for example I got a 5 lbs loin, I don't think that it'll take more than a couple of hours to get to my desired IT.  And, I don't want to waste charcoal.  Using my Masterbuilt, my go to pellet is Pitmaster Choice;

4 - Once I get to 145*, I'm wondering if I should wrap it in foil?  And, during the cool down period, how long should I let it cool down?  I know if I wrap it in foil, the temperature is going to continue to rise;

5 - I've read some post of folks who do a reverse sear on the meat.  Is this advisable, why/why not?  And, if so, how long?

6 - With a pork loin, I plan on slicing it up and then bagging it and then freezing the leftovers.  My fear is, once I thaw out the meat and reheat it, will it loose the moistness?  In other words, what's the best way of "resurrecting" a frozen loin?  I would hate to defrost a pretty piece of meat and it becomes bland.

ALSO, what sides would you recommend?  Honestly, I was thinking of mac & cheese and green beans.  With a few bottles of Merlot.

Thanks for all ya'll help and of course, I'll supply q-view.
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Tenderloin or pork loin? Tenderloins are usually sold in pairs and are about 1.5 lbs each. Pork Loin is much larger -- about 5 lbs.
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Whole pork loins are a pretty good sized piece of meat.  They run from the shoulder back to the ham and along the backbone.  Many people consider them the prime piece?  High on the hog, as the old saying goes?

I would take a whole loin to about 130 to 135.  No higher than 140 for sure.  They will raise 5 to 10 degrees resting even tented. Certainly reach the 145 recommended for intact muscle meat.  If you inject, stuff, or otherwise mess with a great cut, you will have to take it to 160.  I don't recommend that. I like a little pink in the middle. I like tender and moist meat at 145 for pork.

Good luck and good smoking.

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