Pork butt score at Aldis!

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Feb 2, 2014
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Found two 4lb boneless pork butts at the local Aldis yesterday at $2.49lb both with 50% off stickers.Basically $10 for 8lbs worth of pork!

It was to late to do anything with them yesterday especially with the insane cold and wind.So one just went in the MES with a 12" tube filled with apple dust.Rub was Jeff's minus most of the salt.Will be doing it the hot and fast method so we can be eating at a decent time.Unfortunately I can't do my cranberry/blackberry sauce as all the local grocery stores have not been able to get the 100% Ocean Spray juices,thinking of doing something rootbeer based.

Will post up some after smoke pics.
Nice score! I just bought 2 at Wegmans at 1.49 a pound. Not quite as good of a deal. But I'll take it!
A little late but here it is.

I did end up finding some 100% Cran/Grape for the sauce.Nothing more than a cup of juice and the drippings from the butt with most of the fat seperated with a tsp of corn starch,simmered until yummy.

The bonus are some smoked bosc pears.A little brown sugar and cinnamon on top and smoked until glazed over and warm.


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