Pork butt might still have a slightly frozen center

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May 19, 2021
Threw an 8 lb butt on the Traeger this morning thinking it was fully thawed only to find out when we put the temp probes in that the center might still be frozen.

34 on 1 probe and 29F on the other.

Did we eff this up before even starting the smoke?

Running a Traeger Pro 34 at 225F.
You will be ok just keep smoking it like you normally do. It might take a little longer since it was partially frozen
No worries, If you could stick the probe into it then it wasn’t “that” frozen, anyways your cook might take a bit more but you should be fine…..you can also bump up the temp to 250-265 to offset the time as well. I start smokes on still “firm” ribs and chicken often…
Ok, thanks. Just gonna keep smoking this butt then.

Gratuitous first pic of my butt 🤣


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Just pulled it to rest, went almost 12 hours. Wasn't paying close enough attention and did not hear the alarm that it was up to temp so it's over temp a bit. Pulled it at 213 on 1 of the probes and 205 on my Govee probe
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