Pork Butt - First smoke on my Traeger!

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by duanes, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. duanes

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    So here is the start of my Qview featuring my inaugural Pork Butt on my new Traeger Texas Smoker!  I put the Butt on late last night (or was early morning).  I then went to bed and slept - that's right, I was sleepin' while the Traeger was poopin pellets.  The Mrs. wakes me and below is 7 hours of progress.  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.  More pictures later!.....

    7.46 lbs slathered with my favorite mustard sauce.


    Maverick rigged up for now until I figure out how I want to mount it.  Smoke cycles with the auger cycle and lessened once the smoker was at operating temp. 


    About 7 hours into it and seems to have stalled at 178.


    One of the handy things on this Traeger.  I lined the grease pan with foil and with the drain and bucket, cleaning will be a snap.


    Smells GOOD!  More later...
  2. smokinal

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    Good start!
  3. jake628

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    Well done.  I love my Traeger.
  4. duanes

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    Part 2...

    Turned out every bit as good as Butt on my vertical smoker - and a WHOLE lot easier.  Apple smoke flavor was on the mild side but great flavor.



    Ready to pile on!


    Ready to eat!


    Custom manufactured...


    That one is mine - meal on a bun (includes the dessert!)


    Taste as great as it looks!


    [​IMG]   We'll be back later for them leftovers - hope you enjoyed - I know I did!

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  5. Fantastic! I would eat that all day long. You definitely know what you're doing, Kudos...James
  6. meateater

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    You know it's good when the plate is empty. [​IMG]
  7. smokinal

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    Looks perfect!

    Great job!

  8. your pork looks awesome!!!  I LOVE MY TRAEGER.  It simplified my BBQ life.

  9. talan64

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    That pulled pork looks great.

    Gotta love the Traeger!  It's the RonCo of Smokers....just set it and forget it!

    I love mine, makes life so much easier.  When I use it, I try to fill it, and freeze the leftovers, uses the same amount of pellets, and makes Mrs Talan's life so much easier. 

    Next time you fire it up for pulled pork, try doing 2, and rubbing the 2nd with taco seasoning, then freeze.  Any time you want pork taco's just defrost and warm up, it makes great tasting tacos!!
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