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  1. So recently I have tried something new with country style pork ribs. Now I know this is frowned upon among most but I had to try it. I had a very sweet cheery wheat beer that I didn't much care for as far as drinking it went. Long story short, I put my country ribs in the beer and simmered them very low heat with some of my pork rub mixed it and some onions. Later, took the ribs out of the bath and rubbed them up and finished on the smoker. Delicious! But my question is, what do I do with this broth? I couldn't throw it away because it seemed sinful so I canned it. I'm looking for ideas of what this would be useful with. Any and all suggestions welcome! I knew I needed to consult with some of the most creative folks I know.

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    In a shallow pan, evaporate the liquid down for a soup stock.. Down until it thickens..   You could add onions, garlic, celery etc. during the evaporation...   use it as a flavor enhancer....   add to the liquid when making rice...  add as a base to make gravy...

    You are correct on not wanting to throw it out... 
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    Or just use it as stock. Many don't know or think to make pork stock. You can use it just like chicken, beef or veggie stock. If you don't need it right away dump it in a measuring cup, note the measurement. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Note how many cubes make "x" amount of cups. Seperate the number of cups and vac pack or bag up and put in freezer. Label each pack with how many cups. Then when a recipe calls for "x" of cups of broth grab what you need.

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