Pork Belly Burnt End

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Kevin DeShazo

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Nov 7, 2018
I have had a urge to make some pork belly burnt ends for a few months now and due to insanity of life, had not gotten around to it till today.

We decided this weekend, asides any necessities, we were just going to relax for the weekend. After my haircut I went grocery shopping and picked up a small 3ish lb pork belly to try.

Got it home, started the MES to 225 and commenced prepping the pork belly. Trimmed the skin, tossed with a little yellow mustard and then some rub


For this recipe, I am using Alton Brown's baby back rib rub, used in the past, so why not.


Got the 40 up to temp and in the belly goes with some hickory chips and we are off to the races, see ya in about 2.5 hrs.



(gratuitious TBS pict)

About 2.5 hrs in pulled the chunks from the smoker and tossed them with some brown sugar, butter and a variation of Aaron Franklin's basic sauce (I added bourbon and subbed in chipotle powder)


Wrapped with some foil and let it go for another not quite 2 hrs and pulled the pan, storms and electric smokers dont play well.

All and all pretty happy with the turn out, prob been a lil better if they had just a lil longer in the smoker but for a first go, Im happy.

Let me know if there is something I could change in my process asides make more to share.

Also threw some chicken sliders in the smoker for a bit for dinner, no picts of those though
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Meat Mopper
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Sep 30, 2020
Looks great to me! I haven’t done pork belly. How do you determine when it’s done? Is it a look or an IT?

Kevin DeShazo

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Nov 7, 2018
How do you determine when it’s done? Is it a look or an IT?
If you are going by IT the temp should be about 200, I went by feel and the storm that was about to pop up. Feel should be easily smooshed between your fingers or pair of tongs
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