Pork belly and Ribs out of Pops Brine

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by johngolf01, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. johngolf01

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    I've been wet curing two small bellies and also a slab of ribs in Pops brine for about 12 days. When I pulled them out of the brine to cold smoke today I noticed some non pink brownish edges on the outside of some of the pieces however one I cut through the center it is red and cured through. Is this normal? I did my best to cut away some of the brown parts but that may have been unnecessary. This is my first time using a wet cure so I appreciate any feedback. Also the meat and brine had no smell and there were no slime in the brine.

    Currently being cold smoked in my mes 30 with Maple pellets in the amaze tray.

    Thanks, John from Ohio
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  2. c farmer

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    Completely normal, that's just where the oxygen in the water was hitting the meat.

    No need to cut it off.
  3. johngolf01

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    Well here is the two small bellies and Ribs. I smoked the day I took it out of the brine for 6 hours then put it in the fridge overnight and I smoked it another 7 hours today. Used Maple pellets cold smoked in my mes 30,, was hoping for more color. Going to let it sit in the fridge for a few days and then I'll report back after I try.

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  4. johngolf01

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    Wish I didn't waste some of those pieces but wanted to error on the safe side for my first attempt
  5. daveomak

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    John, morning... The meat looks awesome.... FWIW, properly cured, dried, meat with a good pellicle formation, then cold smoked,..... The smoke will penetrate the meat rather than forming a smoke layer on the surface.. Looking at the meat, it should have a great flavor as I can see NO creosote deposits on the surface... That's what I shoot for... I think you will enjoy it.....

    meat-smoking-cold.gif meat-smoking-hot.gif

    My pork loins after a long cold smoke....

    Pork Loin 2-19-17 1.JPG
  6. johngolf01

    johngolf01 Newbie

    Awesome thanks for the reassurance. I will probably try it for the first time Wednesday then slice and freeze some for BLTs on the menu. Still deciding what I want to do with the rib pieces.

    New to the whole curing thing but it still surprises me that you can keep cured raw pork safely for at least a few weeks in the fridge I would presume.
  7. johngolf01

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    Pork loins look really good that's on my bucket list along with 500 other things LOL
  8. smokeymose

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    Welcome to Bacon, John!
    I’m a fan of Pop’s brine, myself. So much easier than all that weighing and measuring for a dry cure. Got a couple of small slabs in a bucket myself as of Friday.
    Next time dump about half of one of those little bottles of Maple flavoring in the brine. You’ll like it
  9. johngolf01

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    So I sliced the bacon today and sampled it. All I have to say is OMG this s*** is awesome. I'm dumbfounded how good it is way exceeded my expectations.

    Now I bought the bellies fresh or so I think and pulledthem out of the brine Thursday last week smoked Friday Saturday...

    I have three packs vac sealed with the intent to freeze however I don't want to freeze if it will sacrifice the quality. Anyone have any idea on the shelf life if I keep it in the reefer? Or should I not even worry about it and just freeze them.

    The pork ribs I cured definitely were previously frozen so leaning towards cooking those this weekend. ( assuming it's well within the safe range).

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  10. smokeymose

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    Since you used a cure, you could keep them in the fridge for two or three weeks, I would think. Maybe longer, but I freeze vac-sealed in more or less 1# packages and have never noticed any difference.
    Better safe than sorry?
    Nice looking Bacon!

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