porcelain coated steel grates

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 1, 2015
Need some advice ... getting ready to ditch my cheap Brinkmann gas grill, totally rusted out on the inside, tired of fixing it...lol...replacing it with a Weber, but the one thing on the Brinkmann that was pretty good, was the grill grates..porcelain coated steel...and after five years still in great shape, no rust, chips, nothing..now my question is..how much heat well these things take, because my Oklahoma Joe smokers firebox grates are in bad shape, starting to rust and droop from the heat.  So thinking about keeping the grill grates from the brinkmann and using them as firebox grates for the smoker, but a little worried if they can take the heat and if using them might cause some off gassing because of the porcelain.  Anybody got any idea if I can use these in the firebox.  Gas grill grates usually only see maybe 500 or 600 degrees, but a firebox see much higher temps 1000 plus for sure.  What would you do, buy new firebox grate or use these things
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I have porcelain coated grates in my charbroil propane grill which are about 5 years old and they are losing their porcelain now I need to replace. Not sure they would hold up in your smoker but you can use until they give out. Just my$.02

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