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Absolutely gorgeous little princess! And funny my littles call me Pops also. Thats what my oldest son Jeremy always called me and it just carried over to the littles.

Thanks Jim. My great grandfather was pops. Will be hard to fill his shoes
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Welcome to the grandparent club. It’s a fun place to be for sure. Congrats on the little cutie!

we got one 18 months ago and have another coming in June. The first one sucked up a lot of our time in the best way possible - so I totally get it.

Enjoy this time, its precious!
Appreciate it bud!
Thanks Dave. Apparently the moderators didn’t like the avatar. Must be sad to live a life of no humor

and here I thought that you were signaling that your were the #1 grandpa. LOL

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Now that's a beautiful little girl Jake! And I'll just bet she's got her Pops wrapped around her little finger!

Years ago, when he would annoy me by spoiling my 3 kids rotten, my late father would say that people who don't have grandkids just don't get it. Now that I have a couple grandsons of my own, I get it...

Congrats Jake - and glad to see you around the forums again!

Thanks red! Good to see ya bud
Late to the party, pops. Congrats!!!

Beautiful little granddaughter you have there. Keep investing in ammo cause you may need a lot of it when she reaches her teens lol.
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