Polorized pics

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Meat Mopper
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May 27, 2006
Oshawa Ontario Canada
I recently tried to put some pics into my album and I ended up deleting them because they look like solarized/polorized /sepia toned semi negative images with no colour saturation.
I left one in there just so anyone can have look to see what I am talking about
Does anyone know what's goin on with that?
I resized them at my end and they didn't improve,but if I understand you correctly you don't have a problem with my pictures being clear when you look at them?
I figured if I couldn't see them clearly then nobody else could either.
I'm colored blind and they look great to me, Kinda like a silver christmas tree with all the shiney pots and pans hanging.. is this what you were going for Gremlin? <smile>

Yeah that's my pot rack.. not a great picture to demonstrate with but....
The ones I deleted were of a smoked chicken and a fish and a pork shoulder and they came back lookin all black like they were burned to a crisp and a slight grey colour all over.
If I were a Doctor I'd have to notify the family :lol:
I will re post them and see if the colour is there.....They should show a nice golden skin etc.
We have the same type of pot rack .. good thng for long handles .. You're not a Dr? dang .. As I recall McDonalds meat is umm in the grey area .. lol
some of the pictures I posted are of the same quaitly but when you click on them to resize them they have good color. At least from my end.
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